Just in case you forgot whose website you're reading, I'm Morgan Katz.


I'm a born and raised Austinite with an eagerness to explore the world — whether it's around the corner in a nondescript bodega with the neighborhood’s best tacos or in a trendy bistro in a European capital. But no matter where I am, I want to tell vivid stories about the places and faces I encounter through the lens of food.


My parents aren’t ones to give in to the demands of a picky child, and they made sure that wouldn’t even be an option when they were raising me. As soon as I was old enough to chew, my mother was feeding me steamed mushrooms while my dad helped me develop a craving for whitefish salad. It’s safe to say I wasn’t like normal babies. As I grew older, my mom continued to foster my relationship with food and cooking through the numerous kitchen projects we’ve tackled (most of the time) throughout the years.


My hunger for adventure and food brought me to New York City where I am a copywriter for Gourmia — a countertop kitchen appliance company. I channel my passion for food and discovery into my work at Gourmia where I write recipes, craft box copy, and use Amazon SEO best practices to create effective Amazon product listings.


But before I was writing about kitchen appliances, I was learning about a very crucial element to food — wine. As Editor-in-Chief of a New York startup, Wine Awesomeness, I not only got to write and try new recipes, I also became somewhat of a wine expert! Here, I helped manage partnerships and project deadlines on a monthly basis for both Wine Awesomeness' digital and physical platform.


Working at a smaller company required taking on more responsibility, and, as a result, allowed me to learn far more than I ever imagined. From smaller skills like keyboard shortcuts and quick tips on photoshop to important life skills like how to manage an intern and how to stay organized with 50 things going on at once, my knowledge grew leaps and bounds. My time at Wine Awesomeness gave me the opportunity to not only learn about wine but also about myself. And my time at Gourmia is teaching me the marketing strategies behind every aspect of a product from user manuals to recipe books.


I am committed to being true to my passion and myself as I pursue career opportunities. As of today, that translates to exploring the world and writing about the different cuisines, wines, and cultures I encounter.